Android App

Reach millions of Android users instantly for your video streaming platform. We build, deploy, launch and maintain your own branded Android App end-to-end !

The Android app is built from base and according to your custom requirements. It is cent percent scalable and works well across different screen sizes and Android mobile and tablet devices. So contact us to launch your video-on-demand, Live Streaming, Live TV platform !

We build white-labeled video streaming apps for Android. Understanding your need to stand out as a brand, you get an absolutely white-labeled Android app that bears your logos, and will be published under your Google ID, so that all future communication and payments go direct to your account, and viewers are exposed to your brand.

The Android app will have all the features that your viewers expect from a video streaming app and the features that make managing it easy for you. The app comes with easy registration & Login, easy access to all content, managing subscriptions, quick payment and much more.

Since your Android app is Native built right from the start, you get whole lot of customization options. You get customized U.I. and make your Android App look and feel exactly the standard way for better user experience. Bringing your own design is also feasible.

Get end-to-end analysis of your Android App’s performance, so you can check the reach of your content, the type of audience watching it, calculating average viewing time, bandwidth consumption and various other analytics to help you make better decisions. You will also get reports in your Admin dashboard so you can analyze the performance and business planning.